How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Digital Agency 

in 27 Steps

Indago Digital's Managing Director and industry thought-leader, Gary Nissim, has used his 20+ years experience and involvement in  OVER 500 PITCHES

to write 'How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Digital Agency in 27 Steps'. 

What you’ll find inside


What to consider before you get down to the business of writing your brief.


Include these steps to gather responses that help you make an informed choice.


Provide the invited agencies with the opportunity to shine.


Do your due diligence and establish a partnership that’s built for success. 


When you download How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Digital Agency in 27 Steps, you’ll also receive the accompanying briefing template. It’s the most comprehensive and effect template you’ll find… the culmination of what we’ve learned from being involved in more than 500 new business pitches.


Gary was recently interviewed by the well-known pitch consultant, Darren Wooley from TrinityP3, if you're interested in a deeper dive into the subject.

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If you’re on the hunt for a new digital marketing agency, there’s a fair chance you’ll produce a Request for Proposal (RFP) and invite a number of agencies to participate. There’s also a fair chance that you’ll fall into some common traps that will prevent it from running smoothly and resulting in making your perfect agency match. 

In this guide and the template I’ve created to accompany it, I’ve taken the best parts (and learnt from the worst parts) of those 500 RFPs to provide you with all you need create a seamless RFP that will help you find and appoint a fully aligned agency partner

Gary Nissim 

Managing Director, Indago Digital

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